Tenkai Knights - 2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship / Portal 10701
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Tenkai Knights - 2-in-1 Volt Jet / Sky Griffin 11001
Bravenwolf Tenkai Knight 10001
Tributon Tenkai Knight 10002
Leinad Tenkai Trooper 10003
Kutor Tenkai Trooper 10004
Vilius Evil Tenkai Leader 10005
Hos Quadrax Trooper 10007
Action Pack 10501 (Bravenwolf / Leinad / Hos)
Action Pack 10502 (Vilius / Kutor / Tributon)
Action Pack 10503 (Vilius / Sho / Lydendor)
Action Pack 10504 (Valorn / Bravenwolf / Guardian)
Tenkai Titan Bravenwolf 13001
Tenkai Titan Lydendor 13002
Tenkai Titan Vilius 13003
2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship / Portal 10701
2-in-1 BlasTank / War Stallion 11002
Tenkai Titan Tributon 13004
Tenkai Titan Valorn 13005
Tenkai Titan Hos 13006
Slyger Corrupted Lieutenant 10010
Phoenix Bravenwolf 10019
Granox 10012
Phoenix Tributon 10020
Phoenix Lydendor 10023
Phoenix Valorn 10024
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2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship / Portal 10701

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Dimensional Portal
When called upon to battle against Vilius’ Corrupted army - there’s really only one way to get there. Instantaneous teleportation through a Dimensional Portal! Hidden within Mr. White’s shop lies the incredible shapeshifting Dimensional Portal – the gateway to Quarton. Once activated by the shapeshifting cores, the Dimensional Portal instantly thrusts Guren, Ceylon, Chooki and Toxsa to the far reaches of the universe where they emerge as the Tenkai knights! Build the Portal and activate the Tenkai power inside. Use the shapeshifting power brick that contains a real working dimensional transport beam to bring the Tenkai Knights from earth to Quarton for their next epic battle.

Dimensional Dropship
Once in Quarton the Portal can also shapeshift into the powerful flying aircraft manned by the Tenkai Knights. Cruising the skies, the Dimensional Dropship is a powerful weapon used to fight off the Corrupted Army when the battle rages. Take the fight into your own hands by rebuilding the Dimensional Portal into the Dimensional Dropship to launch an aerial attack. Weaponize the Dropship with 2 shapeshifting action bricks and take aim and at the Hos and Sho with real working crossbows. Load the undercarriage with two shapeshifting action bricks featuring powerful triple barrel missile launchers. When the battle heats up, crank up the speed and activate the real working blue thruster energy beam from the power brick. Swoop down on the Corrupted with the poseable wings, open the storage compartment from the bottom of the Dropship and have the Corekai warriors leap into the battle for more firepower.

  • Revolutionize construction play with the shapeshifting bricks of Tenkai Knights powered by the IONIX construction system!
  • Bricks like nothing you’ve seen before. Bricks that come alive. Bricks that shapeshift. Bricks with unexpected surprises. Bricks that unlock your imagination.
  • The 2-in-1 set lets you build both the Dimensional Dropship and the Dimensional Portal!
  • Shapeshifting weapon bricks reveal triple barrel missile launchers!
  • Weaponize the Dropship with 2 shapeshifting action bricks containing real working crossbows.
  • Unleash the power of the light projecting power brick. Reveal the Portal’s teleport beam or change the dial to activate the Dropship’s jet thrusters in blue or red light for extra power boosts!
  • The only set containing the Exclusive Guardian Boreas figure!
  • Build your Tenkai power by collecting the entire world of shapeshifting bricks including: humanoid, winged, 4-legged, action, titan, power and weapon bricks!
  • Fully compatible with leading construction brands. Made for boys aged 6-14.
  • 1 Shapeshifting Power Brick
  • 2 Shapeshifting Weapon Bricks
  • 2 Shapeshifting Action Bricks
  • 1 Exclusive Guardian Boreas Shapeshifting Mini Figure
  • 188 Additional Pieces
  • Instruction Guide
  • 3 LR41 Batteries Included

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Video Instructions2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship / Portal 10701

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